Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unnatural by Michael Griffo Review

Title: Unnatural
Author: Michael Griffo
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult (Recommended for older teens.)
Genre: Gay Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
Series: Archangel Academy, book one
Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
The bottom line: Intensely romantic, sexually charged, and a legitimate journey of finding oneself, I had my doubts about Unnatural--but I loved it! I can't wait for Unwelcome!

Michael Howard is a gay teenager in Nebraska--so naturally, the kid doesn't fit in. After a shocking, though not entirely unexpected, family tragedy, Michael's enigmatic father resurfaces--offering him the chance of a lifetime: go live in England and enroll at an all-boy's academy called Archangel--or Double A. Once there, he meets Ciaran, Penry, and Roran, and among them finds his new home and family. But unfortunately, there are secrets lurking around every dark corner that even the most perceptive can't foresee..

What I enjoyed:
-The narration, which drew me in right away
-Michael's struggle to grow and be his own person, both in Nebraska and England
-His relationship with Roran
-Every character in the novel seemed very real and very flawed, which made it that much easier to relate--especially Ciaran
-The constant romance that had me swooning the whole book
-Brania and Kano
-The original spin on vampire lore, at the same time staying true to it
-The cliffhanger ending--I can't wait for Unwelcome!

What I didn't enjoy:
-At times I was a little lost--hopefully more will be explained in the second novel
-The sexuality of the novel was a little over the top for my taste, though most of it was appropriate
-I feel at times too little information was divulged about the vampire aspect

I really liked Unnatural--one of the first gay novels I've read that I loved! Next on deck: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White!

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