Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter by Phoebe Damrosch Review

Title: Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter
Author: Phoebe Damrosch
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Nonfiction/Humor
Series: N/A
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
The bottom line: A hilarious memoir of a waitress in trendy New York, I loved Service Included--a triumph from a spunky, quirky, honest female chef! Wonderful, and absolutely hilarious!

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Phoebe, a young woman trying to make it in expensive, artsy New York, chronicles her journey waitressing at the famous Per Se restaurant. Surrounded by a quirky cast of characters, she battles on bravely through the trials of being a waiter: accommodating guests, changing menus, setting tables. Soon, she finds that she had a lot of fun at her job, especially talking to the sweet, quiet Andre and their mutual bond of food--and it sets the background for Phoebe's cooking career for years to come.

What I enjoyed:
-I loved the tone of this novel--self-depreciating, quirky, hilarious--I loved the way the author didn't take herself too seriously, it really made this memoir enjoyable
-The antics at Per Se, in particular with Andre and the other staff--I found myself laughing out loud more than once as I read
-Phoebe, the hilarious narrator, clearly new to the restaurant business but also obviously in love with the food industry
-The food porn that peppered this novel in droves--I loved, loved, loved that part of the book--it was wonderful--I found my mouth watering as I continued to read
-The fly on the way perspective into the complicated world of fine dining restaurants--there's actually a lot more work involved with the waitstaff than I could've ever imagined!
-The hilarity involving celebrities and food reviewers
-The ending, especially with the menus!

What could've been better:
-At times I found myself rolling my eyes at the craziness that ensued in this book
-Phoebe's ex
-At times the drama between Andre and Phoebe had me wanting to scream in frustration

Overall, I really enjoyed Service Included! A light, hilarious read that definitely brightened my day! Next on deck: Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither!

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