Saturday, November 1, 2014

Werewolf Asylum by Roxanne Smolen Review

Title: Werewolf Asylum
Author: Roxanne Smolen
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Amazing Wolf Boy, book two; can be also read as a standalone
Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
The bottom line: A story about a young werewolf becoming of age, I liked some aspects of this story, but others just didn't fit with me.

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review--thanks, Roxanne!

It was Halloween yesterday--did you all enjoy it? I wasn't sure which book to pick up next, so I just chose this one. It's no secret that I love all varieties of the classic supernatural werewolf story, and this book didn't disappoint me. What was so unique about this was the author's ability to balance between the contemporary and the supernatural--as a result, it blended really well.

Cody Forester is a werewolf. He lives in Florida with his Uncle Bob (also a werewolf, by the way.). He's trying hard to maintain his werewolf abilities with his normal life--and to be honest, it isn't going very well. As if this poor kid didn't have enough issues at the moment, his parents want to send him away, again--this time, to a posh medical institute in Europe. But all Cody wants is to get a handle on his powers, and stay with his girlfriend, Brittany. When a mad scientist stops at nothing to get her hands on Cody--and use him for more sinister ends--he finds that even the greatest resistance may not be enough..

What I enjoyed:
-I liked the pacing of this novel--I couldn't put it down when I picked it up!
-Cody, the young werewolf trying to deal with his overwhelming powers--I really enjoyed his character development, as he grew from a scared young man into a hero--I also liked that he was more sensitive than most guys his age
-The lush, hot, sticky setting of Loxahatchee, Florida
-Cody's uncle Bob, he was one of my favorite characters throughout most of the novel, and I really liked his relationship with Cody
-William, the young man who gets inadvertently mixed up in Cody's shenanigans--I liked how even though he wasn't the main character, a lot of the book centered on him too--and I liked his relationship with our young werewolf
-The notorious Doctor Scaarsgard, and her goon--I liked the way she so quickly became a villain, and held her own, even as I grew to dislike her
-Howard, William's father and Bob's best friend--I liked the way he was always off in his own little world, often with a few words of wisdom that no one really understood
-The ending

What could've been better:
-Brittany seemed very wishy-washy, especially about Cody, throughout the entire book, and it put me off of the book
-Cody's parents
-At times the editing needed work--nothing really major, just minor spelling errors here and there
-Cody, when thinking about Brittany, almost seemed obsessed with her, to the point where it wasn't young love, and their relationship was almost a little codependent

Despite some minor flaws, overall, this book was a nice adventure! I really enjoyed it!

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