Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Heartbeats of Wing Jones by Katherine Webber Review

Title: The Heartbeats of Wing Jones
Author: Katherine Webber
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Magical Realism
Series: Standalone
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I borrowed this book through my local library and reviewed it.

I'd heard of The Heartbeats of Wing Jones the usual way I discover new books that I might like; it was recommended as one of the best books of March 2017, and as if that wasn't enough, it had a main character that was biracial! I was so excited. Plus, that cover, so colorful and pretty! Okay, okay, I'll get to the actual book now. Lol. Simply put, I loved The Heartbeats of Wing Jones! Easily one of my favorite books of 2017, hands down. Wing Jones, as well as her quirky, lovable family, has forced her way into my heart, and I will never forget her story! What a poignant, wonderful coming of age story, with elements of magical realism and romance! I cannot wait for more from the talented and promising Katherine Webber!

Wing Jones is used to being called different, and she's used to blending in to the background. Besides, it's her older brother, Marcus, that shines in the spotlight. He's the perfect boyfriend, the perfect brother; to Wing, and the key to a better future for her and her quirky, unique family. But all of those dreams are shattered when Marcus injures himself and several others driving drunk, resulting in a young woman's death. Bereft and un-moored after the tragedy, she begins to run, finding joy even in her sorrow. When that leads to a first love and a new opportunity, she must decide if she has what it takes to seize her dreams, or let her grief swallow her whole...

I loved this book. It hurt my heart and shone bright spots on my soul. It was so beautiful and inspiring, and I loved the way that the main character was biracial! I'm so, so happy that 2017 seems, so far, to be the year of diversity! Yes! (Excuse me for a moment while I leap up and down at this small but giant step...) Wing stole my heart, and I cried for her, laughed with her. I feel like I made a good friend. The best books are always like that. I also really adored her family, and the bond that they shared. But more than that, what really shone the most in this book was Wing, and her evolution from an insecure, uncertain girl into a fully realized, powerful young woman. I cried a lot, I laughed a lot, and I finished the book smiling. I also really adored the way the magical realism elements blended in with everything else, but were still very real and exciting. What a great debut! I honestly cannot wait for more from Katherine Jones! The bottom line: A beautiful, inspiring coming of age novel, The Heartbeats of Wing Jones was lovely, slipping its way into my heart when I wasn't looking--I can't wait for more from this promising debut author! Next on deck: The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud!

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