Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross Review

Title: The Queen’s Rising
Author: Rebecca Ross
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Untitled Trilogy, book one
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it.

I found this book the way I usually find my library books; a recommendation from the newest books of January. I was intrigued by the plot, as well as the gorgeous, colorful cover. So as soon as I had an opening in my library stack, I ordered it, waiting impatiently. It got pushed to the top of my stack after another library overhaul, and I dove in, excited for this debut, rife with magic, mythology, political intrigue, forbidden love, and thrilling adventure—The Queen’s Rising is one of my favorite books of 2018, and I can’t wait for the sequel! It had almost everything I love in a debut novel, and I was so excited to find out that this book was the first in a projected trilogy! Newcomer Rebecca Ross has absolutely outdone herself with this new spin on a high fantasy novel!

Brienna is a fatherless child, sent to the passion academy in Magnalia to train in one of the noble arts: music, art, dramatics, wit, or knowledge. Seven years on, she has found her passion, after dabbling in each: knowledge. The goal of a passion is to attain a patron who can take them under their wing. Brienna is terrified that she will not find someone to properly nurture her talents, and when the solstice comes, her worst fear comes true. To add to her stress, she is plagued by mysterious visions, hailing back to a time before the country was even formed. When a disgraced, enigmatic man offers her patronage, she accepts, though suspicion is at the forefront of her mind. She is soon drawn into a dangerous, seductive web of political intrigue, personal secrets, magic, and war, and she must decide which side she’s on: passion or blood. The choice could turn the tide of her life and the war.

I really, really enjoyed this book! What a beautifully written, thrilling debut! I was absolutely entranced; the worldbuilding was excellent, the beautiful writing, the breakneck pacing, and the characters were memorable. Rebecca Ross has become one of my new favorite authors with this lovely book, and I can’t wait for the sequels! It wasn’t perfect; there were times when I was confused about the timelines lining up, and despite there being a dramatis personae, all of the characters and their aliases got confusing. But nonetheless, this debut was really solid! Brienna was my favorite character of the book, doubtful and unsure at first, growing into a powerful, driven and ambitious woman who isn’t afraid to stand for what she believes in and who she loves. I loved the world that she inhabited, where the arts were as highly valued as being a warrior, whether one was male or female. The pacing was insane; divided into different parts, going old school, even with a good old table of contents, I was absolutely spellbound, and there were times when I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even when I was in the middle of something else. The ending was heartbreaking, explosive, and satisfying; this book was very enjoyable! It had everything you’d expect in a great high fantasy and more, with feminist, powerful characters to boot! Highly recommended! The bottom line: A gorgeously written, beautifully wrought fantasy chock full of my favorite things, I loved The Queen’s Rising, and I can’t wait for more from this promising new author! Next on deck: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard!

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