Sunday, May 31, 2020

Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast Review

Title: Moon Chosen 
Author: P.C. Cast 
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult 
Genre: Fantasy 
Series: Tales of a New World, book one 
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it. 

P.C. Cast’s books have been hit and miss with me; I don’t care for the mother-daughter writing duo’s vampire series, but I really enjoyed this series opener! For some reason, I’ve been craving fantasies that are more animal heavy; maybe my childhood self is longing for that sense of discovery I found in books when I was a little girl. So, to that end, I ordered Moon Chosen. It’s been sitting at the top of my library stack for several weeks, and I only just got to it. I’ve been trying to find a balance between my own books, the books I was given for reviews, and library loans, and this was the kickoff! Moon Chosen was a deep, rich fantasy that was alive with war, conflict, power and true friendship, as well as romantic love. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great series opener; I just finished it two days ago, and I’m already looking forward to Sun Warrior! 

Mari is an Earth Walker, a member of a gifted tribe that draws from the moon and nature itself to wash her people of the dangerous Night Fever that plagues the men of her tribe. Nik is from The Tribe of the Trees, where man and beast live in harmony, as partners. He takes the women of Mari’s tribe, women struck by melancholia; he calls them Scratchers, believing that they are but children, unable to care for themselves. But his path crosses with Mari’s, warning of a dark and dangerous force that is on the rise, and they must join forces and make peace before it destroys everything in its path... 

I loved this novel; it was such an immersive experience for me. It was a fantasy, with a gorgeous romance and a dark, bloody conflict at its center. The world captivated me, and I loved Mari, soulful and true and entirely herself, as well as the people she serves as Moon Woman. Nik was also amazing; I loved how he was confident he was, but he wasn’t aggressive or brutish. One of my favorite parts of this book was the romance; it felt so authentic and hard-won. Plus, I’m such a sucker for enemies-to-lovers romance! At times, the narrative was a little hard to follow, just because there were so many characters to keep track of at any given time. But nonetheless, this book was a wonderful, delicious escapist treat. I loved it a lot, and I can’t wait to read Sun Warrior! The bottom line: Rich, immersive, and exciting, I loved Moon Chosen! Next on deck: Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca Serritella!

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