Friday, January 17, 2014

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole Review

Title: Endless Knight
Author: Kresley Cole
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
Series: The Arcana Chronicles, book two
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
The bottom line: Even better than Poison Princess, Endless Knight had me completely riveted--with even more twists and turns, romance, and action--but it was Evie who made this book shine! I can't wait until the last in the trilogy!

Beginning where Poison Princess left off, Evie is left to deal with the aftermath--learning to control her powers, trying to get Jack to understand her, and struggling to survive. Spiraling and on the run with Jack, Matthew, Selena, and Finn, she is still haunted by voices of the other Arcana, all wanting to kill each other and face off against Death--who seems to seriously hate her, for reasons she doesn't remember. But strangely, she is drawn to him, despite it, and that attraction just might be the death of her..

What I enjoyed:
-Evie--she was a lot more grown up this time around and her character development was satisfying--I liked her a lot more than in the previous volume
-Jack, and his fear of Evie and her powers, despite his obvious love for her
-All of the Arcana encountered in this volume were really very interesting
-Death, the mercurial man who grows to desire Evie and more
 -The ending

What I didn't enjoy:
-There was very little I didn't enjoy about this novel, but there were flaws
-I wish that Selena, Finn and Lark had developed a little bit more
-I can't wait for the last book!

I really, really enjoyed Endless Knight--I can't wait for the final book! Next on deck: Legacy by Cayla Kluver!

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