Saturday, November 7, 2015

All The Rage by Courtney Summers Review

Title: All The Rage
Author: Courtney Summers
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Series: N/A
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it.

This is the latest book from Courtney Summers, but it just so happens to be my very first novel from this author. I've heard great things about this author's work, but when I saw All The Rage at my library, I was drawn to it without even immediately knowing what it was about. It just seemed to call me, so I checked it out as soon as I possibly could.

And God, what a ride it was. I feel, after reading this, that my reading life has been missing something crucial, and Courtney Summers just happens to be the missing link.

I'm not quite sure where to start, so I'm just going to wing it from here. This book is a blazing, searing testament to the exposure of rape culture, and its negative effects, as well as a nail-biting mystery that kept me hanging on, even as I wanted to stop. Often, with teen fiction, it feels contrived, fake, like the author is trying too hard. But this book just pulled on every single one of my heartstrings, because not only did it capture the fear and uncertainty of being a teenager in today's modern age, but it also brutally shows rape culture for what it is, in a way that was totally organic. It also perfectly captures the bad sides of living in small towns, in a way that resonated with me.

There were times when I really wished I could put the story down: it was at times sickening, frightening. But it was like watching a trainwreck: as sick as it made me, I couldn't look away from it. I tried, but this book just kept bringing me back. All The Rage tells the story of Romy Grey, a girl who has been ostracized by her classmates after she accuses the sheriff's son, Kellan Turner, of rape.

 Romy's story, though painful, was entirely necessary. It exposed rape culture in a totally brutal way that really drove the point home. The cast of characters around her, her parents and schoolmates, as well as people in her hometown, made this book doubly painful in the way that Romy was treated.

All I can say about this book is that it completely turned my heart and soul inside out. It tore me apart and put me back together, in the best kind of way. This book needs to be read by all; it is all at once a terrifying parable and a light in the darkness. The bottom line: A frightening and eye-opening novel, All The Rage is a book to be shared with everyone--a searing, heartbreaking story that opened my eyes and tore out my heart--an all time favorite! I can't wait to read more of Courtney Summers's work! Next on deck: Da Vinci's Tiger by Laura Malone Elliott!

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