Monday, August 15, 2016

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott Review

Title: You Will Know Me
Author: Megan Abbott
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Series: N/A, standalone
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it.

I've heard of Megan Abbott through several different channels: librarians, my fellow readers on the Tumblrsphere, and general word of mouth-- and she is one of the best mystery and crime fiction authors of our time, and she's a woman! When I saw that she had a new book coming out this month, I just knew I had to get my hands on it. (Yay for kick-butt female authors! Always a good way to win this girl over.)

A mystery/thriller with a timely, exciting premise and morally ambiguous characters, wrapped in sensual, seductive prose--God. To say that this book is one of my favorites of the summer, of the year, is a huge understatement. What initially got me interested in this novel was the premise, a peek into the cutthroat world of competitive gymnastics. With the summer Olympics in full swing, I found it a timely and relevant premise that was so surprisingly dark and frightening, but enlightening at the same time.

You Will Know Me is told backward, sort of out of order--the format is unusual, with small snippets of the past in between what's happening in the present. It focuses on the Knox family: Katie, her husband, Eric, her son, Drew, and her daughter, Devon. Abbott weaves a spellbinding tale full of  familial tension, secrets, and desire that bleed off of the pages of the book and come into our world, as visceral and messy and gory as any real crime. The primary focus of the novel is Devon, a young gymnast who will stop at nothing to be the best.

What can I say about this book? Megan Abbott has completely won my heart. She has such an immense gift for telling stories, and I'm in complete and total awe of her skill. I was completely spellbound--it was like this beautiful, dark, scary story held me by the throat and didn't let go. I was desperately, frantically turning pages, trying to figure out who was lying, who was telling the truth, and who was dangerous. The ending was so neat and surprising and unexpected. I've fallen in love with thrillers again, thanks to this book. I loved it. The bottom line: One of the best books of the year, Megan Abbott has completely won me over with this dark, tautly twisted thriller--I'm a lifelong fan and I can't wait for more from this promising author! Can I read her other books now? Please? Next on deck: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn!

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