Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard Review

Title: Pretty Little Secrets
Author: Sara Shepard
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Mystery
Series: Pretty Little Liars, book eleven
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
The bottom line: A short story collection taking place between Unbelievable and Wicked, Pretty Little Secrets reveals just what happened in the winter between the fourth and fifth books, with usual flair and spine-tingling chills--I loved it and can't wait to finish the series!

Hanna's Pretty Little Secret: Hanna Marin is lonely. Her boyfriend, Lucas, has left for the Yucatan Peninsula, leaving Hanna all alone and abandoned with no one but her dad, stepmom, and evil stepsister Kate for company. Lonely and upset, she is approached by Vince, a sexy personal trainer.. And once she pursues him, Hanna finds out the real meaning of betrayal.

Emily's Pretty Little Secret: Emily is trying to deal with the fact that now her family knows she's a lesbian. As if that's not hard enough, Emily finds that her mother's precious baby Jesus has been stolen, and that this Christmas is going to be tighter than ever. Suckered into being Santa at the local mall, Emily is recruited to find out just who is causing the holiday chaos around town.. And ends up making some real friends.

Aria's Pretty Little Secret: Still reeling after the drama A caused on all four girls, all Aria wants is a break. Instead, she's stuck spending the holiday with her dad, brother, and her dad's pregnant fiance. Fed up with being left out of Byron's new family, she goes to her mother's house, and her Icelandic boyfriend, Hallbjorn, comes to visit--on the run from the law, no less. Aria ends up in hot water!

Spencer's Pretty Little Secret: Spencer is still upset over her seemingly never ending feud with her big sister, Melissa. As if that's not enough drama for one pretty little liar, her parents are acting weird. On vacay in Florida, Spencer feels she finds love in Colin, a sexy tennis player who's been flirting with her. Unfortunately, that's just one surprise for Spence before Christmas break is over!

I loved Pretty Little Secrets--it sucked me in immediately and I can't wait to finish the series and find out just who A is! Next on deck: The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan!

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