Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby Review

Title: Bone Gap
Author: Laura Ruby
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Magical Realism
Series: N/A, standalone
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it.

I've had Bone Gap sitting in my library stack for the last month and a half, taunting me, pleading with me to read it. From the moment I saw it on the shelf of my local library, my excitement for it hasn't died down, especially with all the positive feedback from my fellow book reviewers, and book lovers in general. I hadn't read any of Laura Ruby's work before now--despite this being one of several of her novels for young adults, and to be honest, I'd never heard of her prior to the buzz that accompanied Bone Gap.

I was a little bit nervous at first--you know how I feel about hype, guys--but once I actually began the book, I was completely swept away. The prose of this novel--beautiful, hypnotic, and absolutely all-consuming--grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. And part of what makes this novel so compelling is Bone Gap itself: a secret, hidden town with magic bursting to its very seams--if only magic of a very subtle kind. And this dreamy, enchanting enviroment serves as an oddly chilling foil to the thriller that is contained at its heart.

And with that, we are brought to Finn O'Sullivan, his older brother Sean, and the dark, beautiful girl that comes to town and steals their hearts, and every other in Bone Gap, Roza, and her disappearance. I loved everything about this novel--the creepy, frightening prose that both draws the reader in and seeps into the mind, the characters that populate the frightening, beautiful town of Bone Gap, especially Finn, Sean, Roza, and Petey, to the chilling mystery that lies at the very heart of the novel--and perhaps the town itself.

Magical realism has been one of my favorite genres since my first discovery of it, but Ruby really does the genre justice, mixing chilling mystery, heartpounding thrills, magic in all its forms, and of course, beautiful prose. The bottom line: Bone Gap was a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and I can't wait to see more of Ruby's work! Highly recommended for fans of Neil Gaiman and Nova Ren Suma! Next on deck: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter!

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