Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Under the Light by Laura Whitcomb Review

Title: Under the Light
Author: Laura Whitcomb
Age Group: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Series: Light, book two
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
The bottom line: The enthralling companion novel to A Certain Slant of Light, I adored its sequel--just as beautiful and deep as its predecessor, it was a rare, lovely treat to read!

I won this book on a giveaway from Goodreads. Thanks! Jenny and Billy are the focus of this companion novel. Still reeling from the aftermath of what happened only six days before, the two find that both of them have alarming memory gaps. As they struggle to make sense of what happened to them, Helen realizes that she has done a wicked thing and stays by Jenny's side as the girl struggles. This sweet, awkward couple grows together slowly.. Even as outside forces threaten to tear them apart.

What I enjoyed:
-The fact that the author was kind enough to write a novel about the characters that took a backseat in the previous novel
-The hypnotizing narrative, beautiful and tender and sad, from both Jenny and Helen's point of view
-Jenny herself, who becomes a character of surprising strength and depth that you don't see right away--she was a great heroine
-Billy, and his connection to her, as well as his struggle to be himself and be what he considers a good person--he had amazing depth as well!
-Helen's role in the story, and the way she struggles with her maternal instinct toward Jenny, partially because of her own daughter
-The dream world that Jenny and Billy inhabit through some of the novel
-The ending--it was absolutely perfect
-Everything was tied up so perfectly, lovingly--I really enjoyed that Whitcomb has such respect for her characters--and her readers
-Almost everything about this novel was perfect--I loved it so much and it even made me cry in places

What I didn't enjoy:
-Most of the church ladies
-Cathy at times really bothered me--she was selfish, flat, and self-centered throughout most of the story

I loved Under the Light. It was amazing. Thanks, Goodreads, and thank you, Miss Whitcomb! Next on deck: Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins!

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